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This post involves three of my favorite things: Crafting, Recycling, and Webby!  

As many of you may already know, Korean summers are just plain awful. While the temperatures aren’t astronomically high at about 20-30 degrees Celsius (70-85 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s the 80% plus humidity that can be unbearable. You know that feeling when you step into a bathroom just after someone has taken a really long, hot shower in it? BLECH. That’s the whole country of Korea in the summer. However, Korea also has a monsoon season where the heavens dump ENORMOUS amounts of rain for about a month during the summer.

Monsoon season has yet to start in Korea, but there have been a few rainy days here and there. My poor dog, Webby, has gotten pretty wet while we’ve been outside on our daily walks. I’ve been meaning to make a raincoat for her forever, and finally…

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