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Korean Kibble

Korea always surprises me with its abundance of PSAs (Public Service Announcements/Ads). The topics range from the seemingly trivial (like brightly colored stickers on the floor reminding people to walk on the right), to more serious issues, like encouraging citizens to report possible threats to national security by dialing “111.”  I suppose the strong collectivist nature of Korean culture is conducive to these messages which try to change public attitudes and behavior. As a relative outsider, I find these ads absolutely fascinating at times.

The following PSA features the bold title, “Only One is Lonely” / “하나는 외롭스니다”.

The hapless child on the left, who has thrown his teddy bear on the ground in a tantrum, is apparently an only child. Meanwhile, the three kids on the right are aglow with smiles because they are siblings. The red caption above their head reads, “The best present parents can give their…

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