I’m an avid video game player and a woman. As such, I have often felt frustrated by the limited, and generally negative, portrayal of women in this medium. I applaud Sarkeesian’s effort to create educational material to fight this problem. Bravo!

Feminist Cupcake

Anna Curran – the founder of www.CookbookCreate.com and a very good friend of mine, for like ever, mentioned a feminist kickstarter phenomena to me – Tropes vs. Women in video games. No need to contribute your pennies – Anita Sarkeesian – the project’s creator has more that reached her goal – raising $120,000+ (She was hoping to raise $6000 – yeah kickstarter!!)

It’s also worth mentioning that Sarkeesian’s website www.feministfrequency.com is an invaluable resource for feminist educators and thinkers – and really anyone who wants to think critically about representations of gender in the media.

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