Engrish #2: The Crappy Crab | Korean Kibble


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Engrish #2: The Crappy Crab | Korean Kibble.


A visit to any stationary store in Korea is just so full of hilarious Engrish examples, that it’s difficult to choose a favorite! But here is an all-time classic that I wanted to share with you. It’s the tale of a crappy little crab.

What you see is a pistachio nut, proudly proclaiming that he is a literally a little piece of s***. But WHY?! you may wonder~~~

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Cid the Squid! Knitted Squid Toy Pattern


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knitting nandu

knitted squid

I love squid! They feature abundantly in Korean cuisine, and I find their oddly-shaped bodies bobbing around in the ocean to be somewhat comical~~ And of course, it always brings to mind fond memories of Blooper the squid making life difficult for Mario.

mario blooper

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Thank You Book – Allison’s Farewell Gift


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Jenny Lee's Jottings

Allison Thank You Book

The last few handcrafted books I’ve made have been for joyous occasions: celebrations of friendship, presents for mothers-to-be, a token of love for my boyfriend (now husband)… But this gift was truly a bittersweet undertaking.

I spent today volunteering at Asan animal shelter (where I adopted my first dog, Webby). I just got LASEK surgery done last month, so I wasn’t planning to volunteer at the shelter for at least a few more weeks–but I simply couldn’t miss today’s trip. It was the last shelter trip for my friend Allison, one of the most amazing animal rescue advocates in Korea. She’ll be heading back to Canada tomorrow to begin the next chapter of her life, but there are so many here in Korea (human and canine alike) who will miss her dearly!

Thankfully, another amazing shelter volunteer, Clare, organized a special “Thank You” event to honor Allison’s passion and devotion…

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Freedom! and my return to blogging…


I’ve fallen off the blogging radar this autumn because I was juggling a lot of commitments at once, including several big curriculum development projects (my freelance job), a short-term teacher certification class (CELTA) and graduate school applications. Things have finally wound down and I’m enjoying the new freedom in my schedule. I’m also hoping to start addressing the huge backlog of blog ideas and topics stored in my noodle, so stay tuned!

Mascot Mania #2! Yang Yang City « Korean Kibble


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Mascot Mania #2! Yang Yang City « Korean Kibble.

While Americans may be used to the idea of city specific slogans (e.g. I went to high school in Placentia, “A Pleasant Place to Live”), and state nicknames (I hail from California, “the Golden State”), Koreans take it a step further with city mascots/characters. The mushroom mascot above is for the city of Yang Yang.

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